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       We are Distributor of DARE & LIVE , a true story, historical book on World War II in Negros, a Visayan island in the Philippines. DARE &  LIVE  jibed with  the timelines of the Fall of the Phiippines and the rise of Philippine Guerrilla Leaders.  This is the only true guerrilla story ever written of World War II in Negros Islands, Philippines by a World War II Survivor who created a guerrilla army to battle the Japanese in Negros Islands  after the battles for Bataan and Corrigedor were lost in Luzon Island.  

     We are also Distributor of IN RETROSPECTION, more than an inspirational autobiography , is a true story of struggle and survival from extreme poverty living in the Philippines.  What does it take for man to survive from extreme poverty? Is it just luck or sheer determination? Read: In RetrospectionI Made It by a Long, Long Shot.

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Edgardo G. Calansingin
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Edgardo G. Calansingin's battles poverty by birth, political and economic circunstances in his true story of struggle and survival from extreme poverty living in the Philippines.

Orphaned at age six by a young father who left nothing for inheritance and separated from a young mother who remarried, Calansingin endured the physical handicap of loss of hearing and stammering since childhood. The three long years of World War II halted his schooling and exposed him to hard manual labor in the farms. Even though he is penniless most of the time, he works hard, and was able to complete his elementary and high school education against all odds. Later on, with his sheer determination, he was able to also finish college education.

More than anything else, In Retrospection is a story that encompasses a man's educational attainment and employment. It vividly illustrates Calansingin's struggle from poverty by birth, political and economic circumstances. At first, it was difficult from him to point the path towards freedom from hunger but by having the will to get out of it Calansingin has provin to become a great success. 

In Retrospection provides invaluable lessons to young Filipinos and youths all over the world who find themselves in similar circumstances with that of Calansingin's experiences to never lose hope, to never give up, and to never give in on poverty if one really wants to survive. Coupled with some help and prayers from the Almighty, Calansingin's rags to riches story is a living proof that by working hard, by having that sheer determination to succeed, those living in the depths of poverty will still have an equal opportunity to succeed in life. 

About the Author
Edgardo G. Calansingin was born in 1931 in a small town of the Philippines, a third world archipelago of more than 7,100 islands and islets, an exotic country in the Far East. Orphaned by his father at age six, his mother remarried a year later. He lived with his paternal grandparents at the beginning of World War II, doing manual labor. A bleak future, misfortunes, hard labor, lost opportunities, and poverty---Calansingin underwent them all. Handicapped by a loss of hearing and stammering since childhood, he completed elementary, secondary and college education. 

In Retrospection * Edgardo G. Calansingin                         
I Made It by a Long, Long Shot
Paperback - $19.99  ISBN 978-14691-8940-6                
Hardback  -  $29.99 ISBN 978-1-4691-8941-3
eBook        ISBN 978-1-4691-8942-0

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                Edgardo G. Calansingin
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