Dare & Live is the only story that detailed a resistance  against the Japanese Army months after the Japanese Imperial Forces landed in Negros Islands, Philippines on May 21, 1942 and the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) that included the Philippine Army were forced to surrender or else the Japanese Imperial Forces would execute to death the thousands of  American and Filipino soldiers that were captured in the battles of Bataan and Corregidor.

Of the five battalions that General Jonathan Wainwright, Commander of all Philippine Forces, ordered Colonel Roger B Hilsman Commander of Negros Islands Forces, to surrender, nearly half complied with the surrender order, the other half fled to the mountains. The soldiers that did not surrender individually went into hiding, laid low and waited for the reinforcements that General Doughlas MacArthur in Australia, would send.

The Japanese Army immediately tracked down the soldiers that did not surrender. Some of the soldiers banded together and fought the Japanese soldiers. The battles almost always ended in a one-sided outcome because the Japanese soldiers were well equipped with arms and ammunitions, armored vehicles, tanks and war planes. It took two years before Negros Guerrilla Movement was organized after contacts with General Doughlas MacArthur was established.

Jorge G. Herrera, Jr. led a band of soldiers that mounted guerrilla warfare against the Japanese soldiers just months after he escaped from a Japanese Army cordon. Dare & Live chronicled Herrera's World War II achievements that earned for him war medals for valor from both the Philippine and American Governments.


An Incredible Story of Courage As a World War II Survivor Battles the Japanese in the Philippines

M/Sgt. Jorge G. Herrera Jr. discovered just what kind of a soldier he was when the Imperial Japanese Forces invaded Negros Islands in the Philippines during World War II. His heroic tale can now finally be told in the exciting new book, "Dare & Live".

M/Sgt. Herrera Jr. vowed he would never surrender; so he gathered three Filipinos and they started the recruitment and training of other Guerrilla Soldiers. He established a Bivouac at the mountain sides of Negros Islands and equipped his hideout with telephone communication for fast intelligence. He staged many ambushes against the Japanese soldiers and was the only Filipino Guerrilla Leader who captured, alive, twenty-one Japanese soldiers in an ambush encounter.

To try to capture him, the Japanese army even hired a Filipina Spy and sent her on a secret mission to entrap M/Sgt Herrera, but he soon discovered the plot before it could unfold. Honorable Ramon Nolan, Former Philippine Ambassador to the United States said of M/Sgt Herrera, "Your war achievements might have been duplicated, but they could never have been  excelled by any other soldier."

Dare & Live is a story of how raw courage can win in the face of overwhelming odds. It is an uplifting story for readers of all ages.